Resources and Links

There are many interesting websites with relevant information*.

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Society of Homeopaths – registered and insured homeopaths following a code of ethics and continual professional development

Let the people choose – registered Homeopaths in the UK and Ireland

An ebook on Homeopathy by Dr Dooley Homeopathy beyond flat world medicine



Helios Ainsworths
Neals Yard Goodness direct
Barefoot Botanicals Green people




I trained at The College for Homeopathic Education In London. I recommend the college as a centre of excellence in teaching homeopathy for the 21st C

Introductory books to Homeopathy

Boiron USA have a free online introduction to Homeopathy

Research into homeopathy


Homeopathic research Institute Homeopathy action trust
H:MC21 Faculty of Homeopathy – link to research papers
Homeopathy 4 health Homoeopathic Information Service
Homoeopathie – Wichmann A German website containing a very comprehensive list of links to newly proven remedies. Homoeopathy Home A very comprehensive list of newly proven remedies and where to find details about them on the internet.
Homeopathy international Society for the Establishment of Research in Classical Homeopathy
Provings from The South Downs College of Homoeopathy. The Welsh School of Homoeopathy

Extra Ordinary Medicine Details some of the misinformation touted about Homeopathy with a full explanation.

Green Med Info The World’s Largest Evidence-Based Natural Medical Database with Articles indexed and growing daily.

The vital force

Information about the energy – or vital force that is part of our immune system

The healing benefits from our sexual energy


Pregnancy neonates and parenting sites

Links to some interesting research and information for parents

A mothers musing is a very supportive blog by Homeopath Taryn Jacobs about becoming a mother and all it entails


Interesting information on Maca powder and the menopause


The informed parent and links

Please read this if you are thinking about vaccination

Mens health

Testosterone issues


Health Information

The health ranger Dr Mercola
What doctors don’t tell you The Moss Reports – information regarding cancer
Breast cancer article by Prof Jane Plan Research into use of Acupuncture for Breast Cancer patients on Tamoxifen
Dr Brian Kaplan – Homeopathic Physician Oprah magazine

Do you know what are in your cosmetics? Click here

Want to know if the medication you are on could be causing you side effects? Click here

The Oasis of Hope hospital – Integrated approach to cancer

The Cancer Cure foundation

Natural Cancer treatment therapies


New Approaches to Cancer

Penny Brohn Centre

Vitamins and Supplements


Higher Nature

Kiki health

Water for Health – Green vibrance

Uk juicers links page

Homeopathic Charities

The Ghana project

Travelling Homoeopaths Collective

The Maun Homeopathy Project

Autisim and Homeopathy -There are two projects one is a UK based homeopath Carol Boyce,  who has Something to Say Productions info here This is an American Homeopath who is researching autisim and homeopathy


Other Complementary Therapists


Andy Rockall – Aviemore/Highlands area


Janice Walker Robbins – Surrey

Pets and Homeopathy

Excellent website with a host of information especially on dogs

A very interesting blog by an holistic vet

Link to an excellent book on treating pets holistically


Celebrities and Homeopathy

Link to youtube


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