The remedies that homeopaths prescribe come from many different natural sources: most are derived from plants and others are made from minerals, metals and animal substances. Most of our raw materials have been used medicinally for generations and some still form common conventional medicines, such as digitalis, atropine and salicylic acid.

After initial preparation of the raw material in alcohol, the remedies are made by serial dilution and ‘succussion’ (vigorous shaking) in water and alcohol.

This may be done up to many thousands of times and the resulting remedy is accordingly given its ‘potency’ – the number of dilutions followed by ‘C’ (the 30C potency of a remedy has been diluted and succussed 30 times, each time in 100parts of dilute alcohol). The liquid dilution is used either as a liquid remedy or is soaked into tablets or granules for easy dispensing.

With thanks to the Society of Homeopaths